Reasoning with Change

137957194Have you met Change yet? I’m sure you have.

He’s a middle aged man who looks naive, but is wise beyond his years. Almost god-like, yet unpretentious. Larger than life. He’s an old friend who knows all of us too well.

Occasionally we all need to catch up with him, because Change has a bad habit of arriving uninvited—Timing has always been Change’s laziest friend.

I guess it was my turn to chat with him. Naturally he was fidgety, so we walked.

“So why the surprises?” I asked.

He said he arrived unexpectedly because life isn’t linear; his visits are more natural than we think.

I looked confused and he laughed at me heartily, like Buddha.

“The more we resist accepting each other’s relationship with me, the more we lose each other”.

His voice was low and gentle; fatherly.

“But we do lose each other, we lose so much to you”

“We lose ourselves to my friend, Fear. We’re afraid of coping without our losses, our created perception of ‘normality’”.

I saw a glimpse of how wise he was.

“So, we’re better off?”

We took a seat and he leaned back. Change crossed his right leg over his left, as if trying to maintain his god-like image. He was suddenly unsure of himself.

“I never knock on the door without reason. I try to teach us all something about ourselves, even if it doesn’t seem that way initially. I know I’ve made mistakes.”

“But how do we accept you?”

His body shifted nervously. But Change’s bright eyes told me otherwise.

“I’m not always going to be accepted into people’s lives, even if I sometimes only action people’s choices. My intentions aren’t as cruel as we can sometimes make it out to be.”

He turned to me and sensed that there was something which resonated in that last line. He understood my meeting with Fear.

For a moment Change let the silence fill the void between us. He looked into the vast skies and chose his words carefully.

“You shouldn’t keep counting the losses of your past. I have my role in your life as I do with others. But always know that there are things which will remain unchanged. You just have to understand what that is.”

“And how do–”

“Have a chat to my lazy friend, Time.” He read my mind and laughed like a caring father does to his child.

I got up to walk back with Change. But he disappeared, I should’ve known. Yet as he left I felt the winds shift.

He would be back, no doubt. But now I knew why.


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