Identity searching


There comes a point where you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognise who and what you see. It’s not necessarily your hair, the new clothes or the tan.

It’s your whole identity.

You used to roll out of bed every morning and feel so sure that you found your purpose, that you had it all figured out—that things were ‘right’.

Then a moment of uncertainty presents itself. It poses you a question. But it’s not important for you now, because you’ve seen similar manifestations. It’s just another ‘phase’ you think.

But the question traps you. Naturally you’re scared because you’re not familiar to changing. You don’t want to take the risk of actualising that change in your life. You’d rather continue being a circle trying to fit into a triangle.

And you wonder what if that change doesn’t work out? What if things screw up? How much will I lose?

But what if you don’t try to answer that bugging question?

Yes, there’s potentially more stability and normalcy if you continue with what you’re familiar with. But there’s also less understanding of who you are.

Too easily we’ve been caught up in what we think is right, rather than being caught up in what we know deep down inside is right, for ourselves.

That, along with being who you are is your purpose. It is your identity.


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