The relationships that matter.


If there’s anything in this world we depend on, it’s the kind of relationships we form with people. Every human relationship—past, present or future impacts us, whether that’s dramatically or slightly.

The different people we meet become a chapter of our lives. They can influence you; sometimes change you, or just reassure you of who you are.

You were friends with that girl who you sat next to in your boring tute class. Hung out a couple of times, D&M’ed, then never really heard from her after.

You knew each other in that moment, but you don’t know them now that moment’s passed. It just wasn’t meant to be.

You realise that a lot of people walk in and out of your life like that, merely a blip on the radar. Sometimes the hardest part is finally realising, because you thought it would last.

But even that’s a good thing, you learn things that you wouldn’t have known until you met them, whether that’s about the world, humanity or that hip coffee place where the barista knows you.

Sometimes time only strengthens that relationship—an old friend reconnects with you, or a stable friendship becomes closer. On the other hand time can have the opposite effect. It just distances you, until you see them years later on a peak hour train, awkwardly pretending not to recognise you behind their iPod.

Relationships can form out of pure circumstance—you were at a party and the person next to you starts talking, or you know someone because you work with them.

But we all seek and depend on relationships with people that provide constance, quality, commonality and mutuality. The people who fulfil these make your life happier—your family, good friends, your partner etc. Or maybe you just haven’t met them yet.

So slide in and out of ‘acquaintships’ and Facebook numbers but surround yourself in the kind of relationships that have noteworthy value.

Because we all need someone to ride out this crazy life with!


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