The girl and her light

girl and umbrella

She’s wandering aimlessly among a sea full of people in a big city, and feels so detached. If you look from a distance that girl has a bulb of light flickering so faintly, it’s not as bright as it used to be.

She feels so small but has hopes and dreams that are so big, much bigger than her tiny light of hope. Around her the people are shadowed in grey, and it seems that for a moment they’ve all frozen except for her.

She wants someone to listen, to hear her tiny voice and her big dreams of being the ‘next big thing’. But before she’s even introduced herself and shook their hand, the carousel ride of people has spun and moved again, playing that dizzying circus music.

“Where is the light?” she keeps asking.

Not far away rays of light and hope catch her eye, so there she runs, cupping it in her hands.

“It’s here! It’s here!” she says excitedly.

But it’s only half in size of what she dreamt.

It happens again, a sliver of light, but no sun. By now she’s tired, tired of running, of chasing the sun.

Is there even a sun?

Grey black clouds rumble and merge. A storm is here-rain, hail, thunder. The girl didn’t bring an umbrella, but everyone else did.

How did they know that a storm was coming?

Each of the grey shadowed people stand still under their black umbrellas, while the girl runs asking anyone if she can share their shade.

“No”, the grey shadowed people say.

But she spots a yellow raincoat left at the bus stop, and blue gumboots nearby. She manages for a little while, but she sees that one-by-one the black umbrellas close; they’ve found their sun and dreams.

Where is hers?

In the distance she sees someone, it’s a young man. At first he looks like another grey shadowed person, but he bends down, arms open, calling the girl by name.

It’s her Father.

The girl hugs him and cries.

“I’m always calling, if you’d only listen. Have faith in me because your sun is coming. I know you’ve been waiting and working so hard.”


“Just take my hand and trust in me. It’s my turn now.”

She placed her hand in his, and felt his warmth.

The clouds whitened and the skies cleared. The sun slowly peeped and glowed.

Her sun was near.






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