Write now

Write, write, write. Write because I can and don’t have to have a reason to write. Just plot words in black and white, exercise your mind. Go to places you’ve never let yourself go. Just go – explore! See the unseen. Let thoughts race and excite you, bring you motivation and take you away.

Get carried away for once because you can. Let your inhibitions fade and disappear. Be sure of one thing, that nothing matters other than this moment right now. It can’t be taken away from you, and don’t let it be taken from you.

Ride the sun, say hello to the moon. Sit under the stars and appreciate the bigger world around you that you keep forgetting about. It’s there you know. Waiting, waiting for you to finally realise that this place is ready for your dreams, hopes, aspirations.

The world wants to smile at you and let you know that everything is going to be ok – the world favours you if you just let it in and take you on a journey, let yourself discover like you’ve never before known. Known. How much do you know about yourself? About who you are and the awesome capabilities waiting to be tapped within you.

Let this excite you, bring you hope that you’ve got a gift, a gift that wants to be given to people who will listen and hang on every word. Just be patient, your time will come, just trust me. Trust in the belief that there is something bigger for you waiting to happen you just have to believe it.

See it, know it and let it embrace you and be a part of your being. You’re ready when you let yourself be open to the possibilities that the world is opening up to you.


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