2012-11-18 16.40.13

20’s. 5”3. Female. Melbourne born and bred! The colour Green. FOOD. Has the appetite of a man. Piscean. Sitting in during drive-thru car wash sessions. Stationary shopping. Display house shopping, pretending I own the place. Dreaming is breathing. Walking to forget. Writing to understand. Books to escape. Family. Long drives. Beach sunsets…

Strength in words. Four kinds of love, not one: agape, eros, philia, storge. Praying to believe, hoping to find…


To readers, bloggers and anyone who’s (vaguely) interested in what I write. This is for you!

Like the name suggests this blog is just a resting place if you like for some of the material I’ve held onto, as well as other random thoughts on the fly.

I don’t want to ‘categorise’ the material that will be posted up here, but you’ll probably get a better idea of where it sits when you start reading.

Anyway, I should stop rambling and get this started!!!

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to listen to my small written voice :). Would love to  hear your feedback.



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